Why us?

Welcome to our world of beautiful Australian boulder opals.

We are a small Queensland family business that supplies Australian boulder opals directly from our mines to your jeweler. We are proud to be opal miners and cutters that use traditional techniques to find, block, cut and polish all our opal gemstones. Gemstone traceability is easy for us, because everything is done by us, for you.

We also take environmental responsibility very seriously. All our opal mining is small-scale, which minimizes environmental impact. Then, when we complete  mining a section, we rejuvenate the land with native seeds, local to the area. We  proudly send our beautiful opals around the world using eco-friendly, compostable mailers.

Our aim is to make selecting your perfect opal a seamless and fun experience, for both you and your jeweler. We are passionate about providing not only the best Australian boulder opal gemstones on the market but also the best online service - experience, value, knowledge and customer care. So what are you waiting for? Ask your jeweler to register with us today.