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Exquisite 26.18 Ct Australian Boulder Opal Matrix Starfish Carving

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Meticulously handcrafted from untreated, natural sandstone, this exquisitely carved Australian Boulder Opal Matrix starfish is a seamless blend of ancient history and contemporary design, making it a truly exceptional addition to any collection.

Be captivated by how the precious opal forms an intricate network of veins within the sandstone to fill the empty spaces between the grains of rock. Marvel at the exceptional skill and precision of the starfish carving, symbolizing resilience and renewal. Explore the geological beauty of the Earth in the palm of your hand.

From our Russells opal mine in southwest Queensland to you, make this unique piece part of your collection today.

Carats & Dimensions

26.18 carats

Length: 30.9 mm

Width: 30.9 mm

Depth: 7.7 mm


Mined by Sue at her Russells opal mine in Queensland, Australia


Natural solid Australian boulder opal matrix

Commercil grade