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4.01 Ct Wood Replacement Opal

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A beautiful 5.33 Ct wood replacement opal. 

A beautiful 4.01 Ct wood replacement opal.

What is Wood Replacement opal?

Opal formation commences when silica dissolves in water. At our Russells opal mine we have found that this silica solution occupies a void most probably left by decaying tree roots or branches.

In cases where the silica infiltrates organic material before complete decomposition occurs, the organic molecules are replaced by silica. This remarkable process results in the meticulous preservation of intricate internal structures. Consequently, the wood structure remains visible within the opal.

Our “wood replacement” opal is truly exquisite, not only because it is an opalised fossil, but because the remaining internal structures create a mesmerizing inner world that is visible through the transparent and translucent opal.

Carats & Dimensions

4.01 carats

Length: 12 mm

Width: 12 mm

Depth: 4 mm


Mined by Sue at her Russells opal mine in Queensland, Australia


Natural wood replacement opal from Queensland, Australia

Commercial grade